After all the talk of diving in soccer yesterday, we couldn't possibly have been happier to receive this comprehensive study from "Information Builders." The point of the study is to look at the World Cup so far — up to but not including this morning's Germany-Argentina game — and tally which teams are flopping the most, which teams aren't singing their national anthem, which teams are throwing the most tantrums, so on. It's quite instructive. Some highlight findings:

• The two biggest divers? Italy and Mexico. Italy also fakes the most injuries.
• Most "temper tantrums?" The French!
• The nation's players who sing the national anthem the least? Serbia and Montenegro, which makes sense, considering the country kinda doesn't exist anymore.
• The cleanest, non-flopping, non-tantruming country in the World Cup? The United States, of course. No wonder we suck!


It's so nice when stereotypes are confirmed. It makes life so much easier for the lazy.

World Cup On The Ball [Information Builders]