Since I merge the Blogdome and Leftovers into one happy little post on the weekends, I thought it should have it's own name. See what I did there? I merged the name, too.

• I felt bad for Colin Montgomerie after he choked at the U.S. Open. I no longer feel bad for Colin Montgomerie. [The Hater Nation]

• Race wars in the Mariners clubhouse. Kinda. [Seattlest]

• Some photos from the NBA draft and surrounding events, including a close-up of Rudy Gay's watch that probably cost about $20K and the lives of 6 African gold smelters. [Saved by the Blog]


• A blogger renews his Golden State Warriors season tickets, despite the price increase, but includes a nasty letter along with his renewal. Team owner invites him in to sit down and chat. [Dave P]

• Randy Foye's heart is in the right side of his chest... which is not normal. []

• Yeah, I agree. Roger Federer's custom-made jacket says "I am awesome," much like Ron Burgundy's mustache. [Fan's Attic]