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If you're tired of hearing about the Zidane World Cup headbutt (or, the "Glasgow Handshake," as such a move is more commonly called), well, sorry. Even as you read this, an army of computer nerds are producing animated gifs of the incident at alarming rates. The French have their version of the controversial moment. The Italians theirs. Even Industrial Light and Magic seems to be involved. And our favorite is the one pictured above, in which the case is made that Zidane was actually saving Marco Materazzi's life from a muderous sniper kitty. The folks at The Register have collected quite a few which might be worth a look.

And for the grand finale, check out this montage from Anil Dash, which combines a couple dozen of the headbutt gifs, set to music. Buckle up kids, this one is going to last a little longer than The Macarena, we fear.

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