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We love it when other countries play American sports in a way that points out the way we do it might be wrong. It happened in the NBA a few years ago

Today's example is Daisuke Matsuzaka, currently the best pitcher in Japan. What's special about him is not his 10-2 record with an ERA of 2.03, or even that his first name sounds like some sort of Japanese coffee. No, his deal is that he throws pitches like no one in American sports. The guy's arm is so rubber as to be criminal. In a high school tournament, he once threw 250 pitches in a 17-inning game and then threw a no-hitter the next day.


He doesn't pitch quite that much in Japan, but he's capable of it. And guess what? He wants to come to America next season. We think a logical fit for him has to be Los Angeles. He's practically Grady Little proof!

You Aren't Going To Believe Me [WBRS Sports Blog]

(UPDATE: And yes, this is the gyroball guy.)