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As anyone who has ever been around Sons Of Sam Horn can attest, Red Sox LEGEND AND HERO Curt Schilling tends to spend a little too much time on the computer. (We can attest to this too; he's even emailed us.)

That might have come to a head yesterday, when Schilling apparently popped up on a Yankees message board and defended himself against charges of blowhardness, cronyism, media-mongering ... you know, the usual Schilling stuff.

I've always looked at it from the standpoint of "If they don't ask, I won't answer". Other than that the only media tag that might apply to is the radio call in stuff. Being born and raised a sports fan I admit to getting real real irritated when radio 'sports' people spout off 'insight' and 'in the know' that I know to be complete crap. That's certainly not a blanket analogy of sports radio, there are some good ones I like to listen to, but sports radio is designed to bring in listeners, and you do that by 'selling' hot topics, controversy, and back and forth.

He goes on to include our favorite part: FWIW it'd be cool if we could keep the give and take within this forum, and appreciated. Because the best way to keep a conversation private is to have it on a public message board.


We like this about Schilling, mind you ... but we're starting to think maybe his computer could use a V-chip.

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