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Inspired by Bill Simmons' apparent declaration of war on Sklar brothers last week and one of them randomly showing up on "Entourage" last night, we felt it was probably time to get a definitive answer to the question: Are the Sklar Brothers funny?

We ask in all seriousness: We really don't know. We've never actually watched their ESPN Classic show "Cheap Seats," not because it looks dumb or anything, just because, frankly, we watch enough of that network as is, thank you very much, and are pretty much full by the time "Cheap Seats" is on. We saw them on a "Law & Order," and we thought the special they did a while back on Jose Oquendo was moderately amusing — they're Cardinals fans, which is certainly a check in their corner — but honestly, that's the extent of our knowledge. We have no idea. But few people inspire a more fevered reaction among our demographic, we've found, than these two, and since we haven't watched the show, we're not sure why.

So we thought we'd just put it to you: Do the Sklar Brothers suck? Or are they funny? We just want to know. So we can finally get this settled.

The poll is below. Results tomorrow.


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