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OK, we're gonna go ahead and call bullshit on this whole World Series of Poker business.

We are told, repeatedly, how playing poker at the highest level is a certain kind of genius, that the truest professionals work their way up to become masters of their craft. The camera leans in, extreme, as every muscle exemplifies the most arcane, subtle and labyrinthine strategy.


And then they have their big World Series of Poker, and some random kid starts winning events. Jeff Madsen, a 21-year-old film student, won his WSOP bracelet yesterday, in his first tournament, mostly because a month and a half ago he wasn't even old enough to get in the casino.

The actual World Series of Poker is just over a week away, and some people are onto this way of thinking: After all, this guy's playing. And we're starting to think he has as good a chance of winning as anyone.

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