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Can Floyd Landis be the next Lance Armstrong? We as Americans have to decide, and soon. It's clear after Tuesday's 15th stage of the Tour de France that Landis just could win this thing. Are we sure if we can embrace a cycling icon who looks exactly like a slightly younger version of actor Jim Broadbent (pictured)? Plus, we're pretty sure that Floyd Landis was also the name of the guy who took over for Goober on weekends at Wally's Filling Station. Nothing against Landis — we're sure he's a great guy, and his story of triumphing over osteonecrosis is compelling — but we just don't see the face at left hosting the ESPYs. We don't see a Make A Wish Foundation kid requesting as his biggest hope "to meet Floyd Landis." We just don't see his visage on a 7-Eleven Slurpee cup. We just don't see any of it.

But we may have no choice. Landis claimed the Tour's yellow jersey on Tuesday after an uphill finish on the grueling L'Alpe d'Huez (coincidentally, those last two words were exactly the sound we made that time we accidentally swallowed sea water). Armstrong has his faults, but life with Lance was never dull. And we have a feeling that a Landis victory would put us all immediately to sleep. You may disagree with all of this, but truthfully, are you ready one day to hear this from your daughter? "Daddy, I'd like you to meet my fiance; Floyd Landis."

Landis Back In Yellow But Still Playing Percentages [The Guardian]

(UPDATE: Within minutes of posting this, he fell off the leaderboard. Awesome.)