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Forgive this trifle of self-indulgence, but after our brutal sojourn at Busch Stadium is completed, we're heading back toward our home plains of Illinois. Anybody out there fortunate enough to be so near miles of corn is invited to join us.

First, tomorrow, Thursday: We'll be at the Illini Union Bookstore in Champaign, Ill., at 5 p.m. We don't mean to imply that the stifling heat of July isn't the most ideal time to do a reading at a campus bookstore, but check out this quote from the Daily Illini story about the reading.

"The timing for the event couldn't be more perfect," Davis said, noting that the book is set in the fading weeks of summer.

Kick-ass: We're actually being mocked by the manager. So if any Deadspin readers in the area show up, we promise to give you a hug, because we really need someone to show up. And then it's back to hometown Mattoon for Bagelfest, the yearly celebration of a breakfest item that is, uh, not traditionally considered ideal for the terrain of Central Illinois. We'll hug you there too. If anyone shows up to either of them. Wee.