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With the first leg of the wedding season behind us and the next — in the September range, we think — someone finally asks a perfectly legitimate question: When is an appropriate time to have a wedding without getting in the way of appropriate sports viewing time?

The world's biggest sports nerd, yours truly, missed the greatest upset in college basketball history. And why? Because I was at a wedding. That was bad enough. But recently, I found out another friend of mine is getting married next March 17 - the weekend of the first two rounds of the 2007 NCAA Tournament. Are you @#$@#$ kidding me?

First off, anyone who gets married the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament shouldn't be allowed to have children. (MAN LAW!) The author suggests avoiding the Tournament, the Super Bowl and college football season. Maybe everyone should just do it the day after the All-Star game; you know, like the ESPYs.

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