For the record, we would have done the same thing: Here's a video that's old, but has never appeared here, of pitcher Masanori Ishikawa of the Yakult Swallows, plunking former American major leaguer Tony Batista of the SoftBank Hawks in a Japanese League game. When it appeared that the rather imposing Batista was charging the mound, Ishikawa made his decision and made it quickly; to head for the hills.

When it became apparent that Batista was just taking the long way to first, and had no intention of harming anyone, Ishikawa returned sheepishly to the mound. His expression here is priceless actually; his embarrassed delight only surpassed by the announcers working the game. We're pretty sure that we would still be running.

(Thanks to the fine gents at Kissing Suzy Kolber for pointing this out to us. Those guys are on a roll; somebody put some pants on that kid!)