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We find it hysterical that we live in a day and age that it's legitimately shocking news when a two-time NBA MVP shaves his head. We're not quite sure what Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash was thinking when he decided to shear all his locks, but we're imagining it involved either Molson or an extended discussion of socialism gone dangerously wrong.

We actually appreciate Wait 'Til Next Blogs' take on it: He really does now look like a white Sam Cassell. This is hardly an improvement, one would think; we'd be downright depressed to have any part of our physical description involve either the words "Sam" or "Cassell."


Here's a good wager, though: Dirk Nowitzki suddenly decided it would be really cool not to have any hair. Just a guess.

White Cassell Spotted In Arizona [wait til next blog]