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We supposed part of us should be depressed by the news that Clinton Portis is taking his strangely brilliant "characters" from last season's Redskins press conferences and using them to shill for the NFL Network, but we can't quite summon up much outrage. Honestly? We're just happy to see the characters back at all.

We are actually big fans of the outfit seen there on the left. It's the perfect Portis combination: Random (is Portis really into '70s rock T-shirts?), classy (loving the Sen. Paul Simon bow tie), cutting (in the utopia of his brain, A-Rod would absolutely love to wear his hair like that) and, ultimately, philosophical (who among us has not wondered what we will do with this crazy hamburger called life?). Portis can do commercials for cyanide, as far as we're concerned, and we'll watch them and even be more likely to buy the product.


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