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OK, after we poked a little fun at him yesterday, we've gotta point out: American cyclist Floyd Landis appears to be a total badass. Today, after being counted out of the Tour de France after collapsing yesterday, he blasted by everyone to win the stage and slip just 30 seconds behind the leaders.

To quote VeloNews, which knows cycling much better than we do: "while Landis was expected to go on the attack to salve his injured pride, no one really anticipated a feat of such proportions." He's really doing some amazing things over there, solving that thing, which means it can only be a matter of time until the French go after him with decades of doping allegations, after which he will end up hosting a dumb award show and making stupid, dated jokes about Jake Gyllenhaal enjoying anal sex.

We hope we didn't jinx him just by typing this.

Resurgent Landis Wins Stage 17 [VeloNews]