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And so the debate rages: Does Johnny Damon, or doesn't he, suck? We refuse to take sides, but one thing we can report is that our nation's babies are now involved. A New Bedford housewife, still miffed over Damon's defection to the Yankees, had been trying to sell "Johnny Damon Sucks" baby bibs on eBay. That was until Damon's agent, Scott Boras, got wind of it and filed a couple of stacks of legal documents to have the item removed. But the mom, Ann Sylvia, fought back, and in negotiations with Damon's lawyers, worked out a deal to get the bibs back online. She just can't use Damon's full name, or the Yankees' logo. So Sylvia is now claiming victory. Read the e-mail exchange between Boras and Sylvia here, and laugh along with us as you get to the part where Boras claims that the bibs are an encroachment on Damon's "intellectual property." Finally, Sylvia could not let the matter rest without a final shot at Damon's current state of Yankeeness:

What Damon did is just the ultimate betrayal in baseball. I don't see how it could not be considered that.

And Damon's response to all of this? It was something along the lines of: "What? A baby? Hey, it's not mine! I was nowhere near New Bedford!"

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