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• The brilliant (and somehow underrated) final chapter in the Carl Monday-Mike Cooper odyssey.
• Jimmy Johnson ... TOPLESS!
• Keep your wives away from Bill Belichick!
• Curt Schilling, man of the online people!
• You can absolutely not go wrong with a Bob Knight instructional video outtake.
No real verdict on the Sklar brothers.
• Tecmo Bo's finest moment.
• Stephen A. Smith told his fans to boo Dusty Baker. Then Baker cancelled his appearance. Then Stephen A. lied about it. We're caught up here, yes?
Garth Snow: On new jobs and threesomes.
• Mike Tyson and Tommy Morrison, together at last.
• We broke an all-time comment record ... about burritos.
• We thought our first trip to Busch Stadium went bad, but we had no idea just how bad it would get.

That'll do it for us. BUSY WEEK. We're going to go Bagelfest around for a while. Enjoy The Mighty MJD all weekend, and we'll see, back in NYC, on Monday. Be safe out there.