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Floyd Landis did what Floyd Landis does this morning, cruising past Spaniard Oscar Pereiro to put himself in position to claim the Tour de France tomorrow. Pereiro started the day 30 seconds ahead of Landis, and finished it about a minute behind him. I don't know anything about cycling, but I know that's an ass-whoopin'.

So from what I understand, it would take a major catastrophe for Landis not to win tomorrow. The best chance for that is probably a big hangover for Landis, who keeps talking about beer. It's a pretty nice story, Landis winning the Tour, given his bad hip and his comeback from a near-meltdown earlier this week. I don't know if it's enough to make the French forgive him for being American, but it's nice story anyway.

Congratulations Floyd, and hey, sorry Frenchy.

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