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A link in a previous Blogdome went to this post at To the People about Vlade Divac's noble interest in purchasing a heretofore government-controlled newspaper in Belgrade. That is not going to be happening now. Why? Well, mainly because Vlade Divac doesn't want to be killed. Vlade made this sorta vague statement about his decision to withdraw his bid for a share of the company.

I received two phone-calls. The first let me know why I cannot become a Novosti shareholder, and the second advised me why I should back down.

The newspaper, Večernje Novosti, is said to be a little bit better these days, as opposed to the days when it might as well have been a Slobodan Milošević fanzine. According to Wikipedia, the newspaper that he wants to buy once famously doctored a photo of a sparsey-attended Slobodan Milošević rally to make it look like there were a ton of people there.


Novosti is said to have cleaned up it's act these days, but for whatever their reasons, there are obviously those who wish the former Lakers and Kings center he'd just stick to his beard-growing, cigarrette-smoking, and falling down whenever Shaq gets near him.

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