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There's a sporting event going on in San Diego this weekend that's described here in the LA Times as "a beer-fueled nudity fest." It's a tournament for a game called "Over-the-Line," which is kind of like softball, but weird. The rules state that... ah, who am I kidding, you haven't been able to concentrate since you read "a beer-fueled nudity fest."

One of the subplots of the tournament (other than the constant exposure of breasts) is just how filthy and/or offensive a name a team can come up with. Only two subjects can't be referenced in team names: the 1978 crash of PSA Flight 187, and John Wayne. I found some of the team names here. Some of my favorites: "Serious Source of Semen," "Jack Me Off And I'll Shampoo The Dog," and "Our Outfielder Has A Big Cock."

Over the line, indeed. So, um... Deadspin field trip next year?

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