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What do you do when your real name is Mike Cooper — but you're not that Mike Cooper — and you've found your MySpace page inexplicably inundated over the last month or so?

Why, you take a vacation to Berea, of course! That's what Michael Cooper, a 24-year-old sportswriter in Springfield, Ohio, did to rid himself of the curse that bears his name. He decided to visit the scene of the "crime," completely with Deadspin printouts and an attempt to verify that Cooper was indeed "near the children's section." Apparently, he was.

According to him, he "watched the YouTube Clip of Cooper choking his chicken at a computer terminal (hopefully, not the one I was on)."

More quote: "I asked to take photos, and they said no. You could tell they were really shook up about Mike Cooper. The funniest part of the day for me was when I realized the POLICE station was RIGHT NEXT to the Library. It's bad enough to masturbate at any library — but you have to be really dumb to do it next to the city jail."

Another photo after the jump. We hope someone's reading this on Cooper's old computer right now.


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And yes, it is this easy to get on Deadspin.