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This week's winner of the Asshole Who Ruins Everything For Everyone award goes to Charles Humphrey.

Humphrey, represented by the law office of Gardy and Notis, is suing ESPN, Disney, CBS, The Sporting News, Viacom and anybody else who has ever uttered the word "fantasy" in a non-porn context, claiming their fantasy football games are "gambling," which is apparently illegal in the state of New Jersey (along with most of the other states too). He is demanding that the sites cease their fantasy games. Humphrey, by the way, is a resident of Colorado, not New Jersey, and he points out in the suit that he, in fact, has never played any of these fantasy games, unlike you, you heathens.


The full PDF of the report is right here. Humphrey is like the guy who sued because Hooters wasn't giving men equal opportunity to be hired as servers. He's probably right ... but man, just shut up, would you?

Fantasy Football Complaint [Tech Law Advisor]

(UPDATE: Here's this guy's personal Web page explaining himself.)