You might not remember this, since it was almost a year ago and we typically can't remember what happened last week, but last September college football analyst Trev Alberts was fired by ESPN for "not showing up for work", though we have mostly heard since then that Alberts was fed up with the cartoonish way the network was framing football debates. (And when Trev Alberts thinks you're lowering the level of discourse, you're lowering the level of discourse.)

Anyway, at the time, Alberts worried that his broadcasting career might be over, but he's in luck: Alberts will be team with Chris Rix — of all people — on CSTV this upcoming season. Every Day Should Be Saturday is all over this, of course, pointing out that the duo is pretty much the whitest team since the Smothers Brothers. We love EDSBS' take:

If we were producing the show, we'd let Trev have his own show where no one else is on set with him: no cue cards, no teleprompter, not even a camera man. It should look like a room from Saw, bare concrete walls and a flickering, sickly green fluorescent light. No torture, though; we'd just let Trev talk for thirty minutes as randomly selected highlights appeared suddenly on screen without warning or cue, forcing him to flail or die slowly right there on camera.


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