Despite our rather obvious and unapologetic Midwest Bias, we do actually live in Manhattan. That means, of course, we pay triple market value for an apartment the size of your closet, we're constantly showing family members from back home the same four landmarks and, most important, we have never watched the NFL Network. We have Time Warner Cable, and we've never seen the channel. We hear it's great.

We missed it but were able to survive without it last year, but now, they're showing actual live games ... and we still can't get it. That's right: It's a fun New York City cable-network pissing match. This happened a couple of years ago with the Mets — you were unable to watch Mets games for about half the season — but we care a helluva lot more about the NFL than we did about the 2003 Mets.


The dispute is mostly with Time Warner: Th network isn't on the air in several Time Warner cities, including Los Angeles, Houston, Cincinnati and (gulp) Green Bay. Time Warner says the NFL wants too much money.

And once again, we as fans find ourselves in the same position as always: Sitting around, twiddling our thumbs while we wait for a couple of billion-dollar corporations to figure out how to split all the money we give them. That's always fun.

You probably shouldn't get us started on DirectTV, either.

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