Did you know they hazed in Canada? We honestly had no idea. We've always thought of our northern neighbors to be far too mannered for such shenanigans and hijinks.

But apparently not: There's a minor uproar in Toronto over the Argonauts taping a 22-year-old intern to the goal post and pouring sugar on him. (In the name of love!) Well, the "uproar" has mostly been from Toronto Star readers, who saw the accompanying picture and thought they were, we dunno, violating him or something.

The Argonauts say it's all good.

While tied to the post, the intern named Mark (the Argos would not reveal his last name) had a cooler of water dumped over his head. The players then piled fruit, vegetables, whipped cream and sugar over his body. ... "This young man said in his 22 years that this was the best birthday he had in his life," said Mike Clemons.

Ignoring the sad truth that this probably was the best birthday this poor kid has had in his life, we'd like to point out the guy in the picture is former Dolphins running back John Avery, who devasted a nice little sampling of fantasy teams back in the day. Someone should tie that guy to the post.

Argos Accused Of Degrading Intern; Coach Stands By Team [The Toronto Star]