From the Videos That Scare You To Your Very Core Department comes this from-the-stands video of Brazilian soccer team Gremio supporters at a game last weekend. If you think this isn't terrifying enough, here's, as Paul Harvey might say, the REST of the story:

The match was halted twice while fans threw portable toilets into a moat which separates the field from the crowd and set them on fire, sending plumes of shit-smelling smoke over the pitch. The fact that there is a moat that separates the crowd from the field tells you a thing or two about fans there.

Eventually fire brigade was called in to put out the fire and they were rewarded for their work by being pelted with objects thrown by the Gremio supporters. In return, police pelted the supporters with tear gas and order was eventually restored.

You know what the best part of all this is? The game ended in a scoreless draw.

Rioting Fans Set Toilets On Fire In Brazil]