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Far be it from us to tell any football team how to run their business, particularly during the big petri dish of sweat and blood and all kinds of other disgusting things in the midst of training camp, but we suspect a new policy the 'Skins have put into place might have been worthwhile to institute a while ago.

The Redskins training camp has been infiltrated by a nasty staph infection, and the team trainers and doctors, trying to keep it in check, have requested the team make a few changes around the camp. Players will no longer be allowed to share "daily athletic equipment" (a.k.a. jock straps) or razors. They also now are specifically required to use soap when they shower. Which is totally a good idea.


Also, they now have a fancy whirlpool with "an ultraviolet light filtering system designed to kill germs." Yeah, see, we really would not like to see what's floating around in that thing either.

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