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Fully capitalizing on something it stumbled across last season, the official Redskins site is now selling T-shirts adorned with every Clinton Portis character from his press conferences last year. Those who were with us last season will remember our schoolgirl crush on Portis, particularly Coach Janky Spanky, who resembled pretty much every gym teacher we've ever had.

We suppose we could lament this crass commercialization of a viral Web trend — because we hate it when people do that — but it's instructive to remember that Portis' characters became popular not because ordinary press conference, but because the press conferences were first broadcast on the Web, at From there, they grew into the larger phenomenon. So we don't begrudge them a little T-shirt to monetize the trend, as long as they come up with something equally amusing for the site this year. Might we suggest something with Chris Cooley?

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