Even among people who hate the Yankees, there is a grudging respect for manager Joe Torre, who exemplifies class, stoicism and wisdom in a game that many consider often lacking in all three.

Of course, it's a little easier to be stoic when you're managing the Yankees. Back when Torre was manager of the Braves, like in this video, matters would get a little hairier, and a little more vulgar. We'd suggest the headphones for this one, folks.


By the way, watch it all the way to the end for a little moment of Ted Turner beauty.

Joe Torre And Ted Turner's Big Vacation, 1983 [YouTube]

(UPDATE: The jerks at YouTube — yeah, you heard us — took down the video, because ... uh ... there's a bunch of old TBS people angry? They love Jane Fonda? They're cheerless? Oh, that's it.)


(SECOND UPDATE: So it appears the video was pulled via complaint from MLB Advanced Media. Please allow us to take this opportunity to say hello to the reader(s) from MLB Advanced Media here. We would like to formally remind you that we don't come into your workplace and smack the Scott Boras out of your mouth when you're on the job. Jerks.)

(THIRD UPDATE: Well, you can get the Ted Turner part anyway. Though we remain less than convinced MLB actually owns the video YouTube took down, now that we think about it.)