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So here's something nifty we didn't know about: It's Blind baseball!

Actually, it's not called blind baseball; it's called "Beep" Baseball, because the ball beeps as it's coming to the plate, which makes sense, considering the batter can't see it. The rules are, well, they're complicated: "Article 1...In Beep Baseball, each of the two teams is permitted six turns at bat during which it attempts to score runs by having its batters hit the beeping ball into fair territory and reach a buzzing (activated) base before the ball is legally fielded by the defense. The team in the field attempts to end the turn at bat of the opponent by causing three of its batters to be put out."


The World Series of Beep Baseball is this weekend in Strongsville, Ohio, which is only five miles from Berea, in case any Berea residents need to know what's in their future if they don't slow down their vile behavior.

Oh, and here's a brief video — which seems to have been put together by someone who is blind — of the game in action. We encourage anyone in the Cleveland area to drop by and cheer 'em on.

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