And with this poorly scored video, we introduce you to the phenomenon known as Sun Ming-Ming, who is currently with the Dodge City Legend of the USBL. He is seven-foot-nine, which makes him the tallest man in professional basketball and the seventh tallest man in the world.

He also has quite a story: He was forced to have dangerous brain surgery, removing a tumor in his brain that was producing too many growth hormones. (His agent had to raise the money for him to have the surgery.)


He has a long way to go to make it as a basketball player: He played 30 scoreless minutes for the Legend last year. He also is notoriously sensitive about his height.

When we see these freakishly tall human beings, we tend to not think they should be forced to play basketball. Leonid Stadnik, the world's tallest man at 8-foot-4, once said that "my height is God's punishment. My life has no sense."

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