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• You bring us the chorizo, and then you take it away. Do not tease us with your chorizo.
• Whither the white wide receiver.
Interesting strategy to sell video games.
• Mike Tirico would rather you not bring this up again.
Here is what is inside Bobby Abreu's head.
Smell Jeter!
• If Simmons ever leaves ESPN, they'll totally try to use this in his place.
• Cory Lidle is a crust discharged from and covering a healing wound.
• Ronaldinho's girlfriend: Real, Or No Real?
• Just give us the damned NFL Network already, OK?
• Trade deadlines are dull sometimes.
• The man who tried to ruin fantasy football for his own gain.
• Harold Reynolds and Sarah Silverman, huggable pals.
• This weekend, we might sneak out and play some African-Americanjack.

We've got a big weekend ahead of us, so we gotta go. Enjoy The Mighty MJD, who will be here Saturday and Sunday, as always, and we'll see you Monday. If the Cardinals haven't won by Monday, we're doing the site entirely in Latin.

Be safe out there.