In the wake of these "Man Law" Miller Lite commercials, we thought we'd hop in the DeLorean and find one of those cheesy great old Miller Lite commercials. You know: the inexplicable ones where a collection of faded sports personalities — Billy Martin, Dick Butkus, Bubba Smith, that type — would be put in a wacky situation (they're going camping! They're in an old castle trying to figure out who stole their case of Miller Lite!) and would come across Rodney Dangerfield and Bob Uecker and ... jeez, what wacky shenanigans would ensue!

The ads were also noteworthy for the entirely strange appearances by John Madden, who always seemed to be hiding around a corner, Peter Lorre-like, and then popping out at the creepiest possible moment. And bonus points if OJ showed up. Why don't they do this anymore? Like you wouldn't enjoy seeing Barkley, Ditka and Cal Ripken on a camping trip.