You know, if you get enough middle-aged white men in a room in Los Angeles, there's really no telling what they'll eventually come up with.

In response to the burning question of "Are women better football players than men?" some producers have put together The Gender Bowl, a term that sounds like something your great-grandmother would need in order to excrete. The conceit: The best professional female football players in the country take one a group of men over 30 who "never realized their dream of playing pro football." And so they got this. In case you were wondering what former Super Bowl MVP Larry Brown and former Texas Tech quarterback Sonny Cumbie have been up to, they're coaching the men's team in this thing.


This is a reality series, rather than a specific event, which is probably because the "game" is a television show that has yet to be picked up. But it's difficult not to have faith in the show's potential when you take a look at the broadcasters. Hey, look, it's Roger Lodge!

Oh, and does this REALLY need sideline reporters?

The Gender Bowl [Official Site]