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Last night in Columbus, the Ohio State football team held an open practice for fans to witness and then ask for autographs, handshakes and reacharounds afterwards. It's a nice fan-friendly move, and it's a positive way to start off a season that requires a trip to Austin just two weeks into the season.

Because this is Ohio, of course, a ton of people showed up. Actually, 28,000 people, which, at about 180 pound per person average, comes out to about 2,520 tons of people. And yes, some games of Cornhole broke out. We love Columbus.


Our favorite part might be this picture, however. First off, there are about six different objects that this woman is keeping track of in this picture, ranging from her digital camera to Ted Ginn Jr., and it's pretty obvious that her baby is definitively in last place. Not that the baby doesn't look deliriously happy to be a part of the whole experience.

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