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This will be our last Madden post of the week, promise.

Anyway, as we wait for the goons at Amazon to deliver our copy of the game, we wonder, as we do every year: How good will our Buzzsaw be? Since we tend to not play full seasons or "Create A Player" or any of those other things, we just play exhibition games against our friends. Typically, our most common opponents are fans of the Eagles and Patriots: This does not benefit someone with Josh McCown and JJ Arrington in the backfield.


So the folks at Tecmo Bowl have done the research and ranked the 32 teams in order of Madden excellence. Not surprisingly, the Steelers and Seahawks are at the top, followed by the Colts, Giants and Chiefs. The worst five: Browns, Bills, Jets, Lions and 49ers.

And how about our Buzzsaw: No. 10, thanks to the wide receivers and Edgerrin James. The Patriots and Eagles: 15 and 16, respectively. Yeah, we're gonna enjoy the next few days.

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