It has been a while since we have played any organized competitive athletics, so we're a little behind on all the latest innovations in the world of sports beverages meant to quench thirst and replenish, uh, fluids or something.

But we were still a little surprised to see this product on the market for players: Pickle Juice.

if we can have cravings for sour cream and dill flavored chips, why not in a drink? That's what Brandon Brooks thought back in the year 2000, when he hypothesized that people "sneak" a sip of the juice from a jar of pickles. He confirmed his hypothesis when Eagles players drank pickle juice to stay hydrated in the 120 degree heat at Texas Stadium against the Cowboys.

We'd like to note, by the way, that the second third-leading rusher for that 2000 Eagles team was Darnell Autry. Anyway, we'll admit to being someone less than convinced of the healing nature of pickle juice, no matter what Jason Witten tries to tell us. Now, egg nog, that's something you could use at training camp.

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(UPDATE: Eagles fans are very serious about their pickle juice. Weirdos.)