We don't get into Tiger Woods much around — except to make fun of his facial expressions — mainly because Tiger Woods is, by both design and nature, an intensely boring, robotic character. He wins, and he wins again, and he breaks into a recognizable human emotion every couple of years. This is not meant as a criticism; if we were an athlete, we would do everything in our power to be as dull as possible in public. Less trouble that way.

Anyway, everyone is always talking about Woods' historical impact on golf, is he the best ever?, all that, and finally someone broke it down, Baseball Prospectus-style. According to the article, Tiger should be expected to tie Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 major championships by 2011, most likely in Duluth, Ga., at the PGA Championship and break it at The Masters that next year. At which time he'll be 36 years old, which is just crazy.

Though, all told, we're not ready to imagine what Tiger will look like when he's old.

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