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It's official: The bubble has burst on Barry Bonds memorabilia. Jeff Kranz of Phoenix, who has been lovingly collecting Bonds stuff since 1998, is tossing his collection out on the front lawn like a jilted housewife. Well, actually he's dumping it at bargain prices. And it's not because Kranz is disillusioned over allegations of steroid use. It's because, he says, Bonds threw him under the bus; claiming in his federal investigation testimony that a lot of the Bonds merchandise on the market was bogus. That little quote cost Kranz thousands, he says. Said Kranz to the San Francisco Chronicle:

Barry should appreciate a person like me. Personally, I felt betrayed. I can't stand the guy.

Our suggestion is that Kranz now go into the anti-Bonds memorabilia market. That oversized syringe the guy threw onto the field near Bonds at Petco Park? That could be worth something. And that Paula Abdul disguise? Big bucks, my friend.

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(UPDATE: The Mighty MJD has a great riff on this.)