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Madden came out, and the Buzzsaw is actually halfway decent in it.
• For about five hours, this was the most commented-on Deadspin post of all time.
• A great old Miller Lite commercial.
• You know what's popular? James Frey football previews.
Willie McGinest is very concerned about numerals.
• Talk to us, Mr. Celery.
• Alas, the Buzzsaw will not play at Pink Taco Stadium
Bryant Gumble talks, and AJ Daulerio listens.
Careful with that baby, lady.
• Sweet, David Hirshey is back!
Ball hit man in face. Wee!
• Len Pasquarelli suffers no fools.
• David Ortiz would like to encourage you to get a boner.
• Seriously, though ... where are the bitches?

Oh, yeah, and we had the most truly entertaining thread we've ever read. Musn't forget about that. (Oh, and the followup was the bee's knees as well.)

We're going to be awfully busy this weekend, so enjoy The MIghty MJD all weekend: He'll be ripping it up as always. And we'll see you Monday; should be a day most fun.