The Football Outsiders have finished up their position-by-position rankings over at Fox Sports, and arranged the Top 5 and Bottom 5 in each category in one convenient location.

Convenient, that is, unless you're a 49ers fan, and you're trying not to be reminded of how miserable you're going to be this season. There are nine categories (QBs, RBs, WRs, OLine, DLine, LBs, DBs, Special Teams and Coaching Staffs) and the 49ers are in the "Bottom 5" of seven of them. The only areas in which the 49ers aren't expected to completely blow are the defensive line and special teams.

On the other end of the spectrum, Seattle hasn't had reason to be this excited since Niles and Daphne announced their engagement. They're the anti-49ers, appearing in the "Top 5" in seven of nine categories, and it probably would've been nine out of nine if it wasn't for the vast NFL officiating conspiracy against them. No other team appears more than five times.

Position-by-position rankings [Fox Sports]