At the time, it almost seemed like a throwaway post, a way to end the day on a happy note. But Super Trampoline Basketball has proven surprisingly malleable and compulsively watchable, in almost Tourette's type way.

It's everything a home clip should be: Surprising, funny, guilt-ridden and actually quite painful. We think Slate's Josh Levin put it best: "It's not funny, exactly, and I feel a little guilty every time I watch it. (The count's up to about 20 now.) Instead of Bob Saget speaking in the voice of an infant, we hear screams of pain and 'Stop it!' as his unmangled friends run away laughing. This is what real life sounds like. It's transfixing, but it's not comforting."

The only way it would be better would be if it somehow had a goat.


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