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Before he was co-opted by The NFL Network and Daniel Snyder's presumably slave-waged garmentmakers, Redskins running back Clinton Portis consistently provided us immeasurable entertainment pretty much every Thursday for two months.

It wasn't necessarily the different characters that killed us: The disguises were usually stuff Portis just found lying around the locker room. It was the strange sense of joy Portis had riffing on his personas in response to oddly straight questions from the assorted media gaggle. He discovered his inner improv comic, particularly with our personal favorite, Coach Janky Spanky, in which Portis pretty much satirized anyone who has ever ran a gym class.

Another fun thing about Portis' sessions: They became huge entirely because of the Internet. was the first site to run all press conferences in their entirety, exclusively on their site. In a way, Portis became a bit of an online phenomenon ... pretty good for a guy who admits he doesn't know what a mouse is.

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