Former Duke popped collar shooting guard J.J. Redick has been a consistent source of amusement around here for a while now, from the typical bashing of Duke to his crying during the NCAA Tournament to his weird video game experiences

But, as would be expected, it was his DUI arrest back in June that truly pushed Redick to the next level. The mug shot was the most amazing part, of course — oh, JJ, that collar — but the details of the arrest led to considerable more mirth, particularly countless shooting-percentage-as-BAC jokes.

And that was why we'll always remember the original post, because we did something different with that one: We didn't even bother making a joke. It was the first time we knew that whatever we came up with wouldn't even be remotely as hysterical as what you guys came up with in the comments ... and we were generously rewarded. The comments on the Redick story a non-stop stream of hilarity. Our personal favorite remains, "Those Zimas will F you up." (Oh, and he just pled guilty to this today.)

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