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Man has debated the true nature of vegetables since the beginning of recorded history. Does celery have a soul? Do carrots believe in a higher existence? And what's the deal with garden cress? We don't think we would be able to sleep at night if we thought that, when he passes to his great reward, that Wilmington Blue Rocks mascot Mr. Celery would not be ascending to a higher plain. And thanks to our good friends at Heavenly Images, we have blessed reassurance. We can now sleep the sleep of angels.

And the Lord said, "Blessed are the herbacious vegetables, for they will be called crunchy and nutricious."


It's a shorter day before the holiday weekend, so we've got another Hall of Fame vote and a week in review coming up today. So this is just our way of saying "Have a good weekend," and don't do anything that we wouldn't do.

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