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How much do you think you would pay for the greatest book in the world? We're talking about the definitive book on the planet, one that would somehow combine what every other book you've ever read has done for you, change your life, maybe even take out the trash from time to time. How much would you pay for that book? What is the maximum possible value of a book?

How about $4,000? No. How about $40,000? We introduce you to Super Bowl XL Opus, the definitive history of the NFL written by the "finest sportswriters in the US, both past and present." The "Limited Edition" of this book — the basic, cheaper model — is $4,000. But the "MVP Edition," which has a page signed by all 40 of the Super Bowl MVPs — you too can have Dexter Jackson's signature! — runs $40,000. $40,000! A book!


Look, we love books. Love them. But $40,000 ... heck, for that much money, you could get two actual tickets to an NFL game.

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