Way back in the day, we took another one of our Field Trips to see a Dennis Rodman book signing. In retrospect, we're not sure why we decided to cover a Rodman signing; "Dancing With The Stars" must have not been on that night.

Anyway, our report from that event, we thought, was more melancholy than insulting to Rodman ... but obviously, Darren Prince disagreed. Apropos of nothing, Prince, Rodman's agent, sent us the most amazing email we've ever received, even more astounding that it came from an actual accredited agent. Our favorite line: "How pathetic are you or maybe financially compared to Dennis how broke are you or sexually you probably have not had the amount of women your whole life that Dennis has had just in the past year. Not to mention most of his are A listers from Hollywood that no one knows about."

As you would probably expect, this email made us dance around the apartment: We honestly could not believe our good luck. Later, another agent in Prince's office hammered us too, and even went after the commenters. And yes: These are actual sports agents. Ultimately, unlike with Stephen A. Smith, all was forgiven, and Prince himself sent us a Happy Holidays card. Which was a fitting cheery on top.

But is he a Hall of Famer? Remember, 75 percent is the threshold. Vote below: Polls will be open until next Tuesday.

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