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Hall Of Fame voting will remain open all the holiday weekend. Still some tight races out there.
• Yep, the Vikings have their own fumigator. Makes sense.
It's Jeff George, everybody!
• The hotly debated NFL team previews continued.
• AOL has a ton of sports blogs now.
• Latrell Sprewell just likes to choke, apparently.
• That weird Panthers steroids story that no one seems to care about.
• Now THIS, friends, is how you use PhotoShop.
• Daniel Snyder has a new best friend.
• Chris Simms really loves his teammates.
• Yeah, it's probably best they don't play this song anymore.
• Luke Walton can ACT, man!
• O.J. Simpson and Mike Ditka playing Sega football is as entertaining as it sounds.
• Hey, GO UCLA!
• You know ... we kind of have a feeling Leinart sees this as just another reason he should have left school early.

Don't forget to enjoy our NFL Pick 'Em pool, by the way. And enjoy MJD's football project, which begins tomorrow. We're taking Labor Day off, so we'll see you on Tuesday, when the world of sports regenerates and starts all over again. We can't wait.