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It might be the most talented class of roster cutdowns in NFL history. Charlie Rogers, Najeh Davenport, Ron Dayne, Lee Suggs, Marcus Vick, and quite sadly, Jeff George, were all released yesterday as NFL teams had to get down to the 53-man roster limit.

I'd like to be upset about the release of Jeff George, but he's already given us more joy than we ever had a right to expect. And don't shed any tears for him. According to this, his comeback attempt may not be dead, and it may just be a procedural move so the Raiders don't have to guarantee his salary. But even if that doesn't work out, he can still look forward to the warm and loving embrace of Jayson Whitlock.


The biggest surprise, perhaps, was the Green Bay dumped their number two running back, Najeh Davenport. He might be the most talented guy on the entire list of cuts, and it's difficult to believe that he'll be out of work for very long. It occurs to me that a certain Super Bowl team in Pittsburgh could be in the market for a big back.

And of course, there's our main man Marcus Vick, who couldn't quite hold on to his roster spot with the Dolphins. If there's a sudden spike in the Miami crime rate, you'll know why.

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