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We know that many of you had to settle for the Florida State-Miami football game last night because you could not find this on television, but we are here to tell you that England's Louise Trewavas, aka Dive Girl, has broken the world depth record for ironing under water. Trewavas, from London, ironed what appears to be a Wonder Woman t-shirt at a depth of 137m (452 feet), shattering her own previous record of 135m. According to the Extreme Ironing web site:

Dive computers carried by both divers recorded the depth of the dive, and the divers had to spend over three hours in the water carrying out decompression stops in order to avoid the bends.

There was another half hour delay while Trewavas tried to get the steam setting to work.

(Alternate ending to this post): Trewavas' iron has three settings: "Variable steam," "Vertical steam" and "Porpoise."

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