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If you found yourself swallowing your tongue and rolling around the floor frothing from the majority of your bodily orifices, well, you must have been watching ESPN2!

As part of ESPN's "Full Circle Jerk" coverage of the Miami-Florida State game last evening, the above brain assaulter was featured on ESPN2, a whopping 10 cameras to be watched at each moment. We legitimately tried to watch this — we're always curious about a new way to view all these games we're helplessly compelled to pay attention to — but noticed after about 45 seconds that our nose was bleeding and had to switch back.


We are all for experimentation and trying new things; we guarantee you there were people who didn't like the First & 10 line when it was introduced, and we can't imagine living without that now. But if anyone seriously watched the whole game with this ESPN2 view last night, we find it extremely likely they're sitting in a corner of their home, flicking a light on and off, soaking in their own feces, mumbling about communism and wearing a pinwheel hat.

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